Olio Nuovo 2020 Harvest – Unfiltered

//Olio Nuovo 2020 Harvest – Unfiltered

Olio Nuovo 2020 Harvest – Unfiltered


Our ‘family Selection’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is quite a robust oil. It has a ‘Grassy’ or ‘Green Tomato’ aromas with a warm nutty flavour and mild bitterness and prolonged ‘Pepperiness’. This premium oil is for the astute olive oil connoisseur. It has received much acclaim by way of Gold medals in Australia and Italy.

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Olio Nuovo or ‘new oil’ signifies the first pressed EVOO from the initial olives harvested at the start of the season. The olives are picked, immediately cold extracted and bottled right away. As a result, this unfiltered oil is rich green in colour, pungent and robust in flavour with a peppery finish. When you taste Olio Nuovo, you will experience all the characteristics of a young fresh oil with an intense fruity flavour and low acidity level. The high levels of polyphenols present are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits. As this oil is bottled immediately following the extraction process, it is normal to find sediment. Our Olio Nuovo was made at the Inturrisi family processing mill in Bylands Victoria the home of multi Award winning Extra Virgin Olive oils. We recommend using this oil within 3 to 6 months from date of harvest.

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