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From our family to yours


Our award winning Australian extra virgin olive oil is a family effort. With our Italian heritage and generations of knowledge and experience, we know exactly how to produce the finest olive oil. 


Each bottle of our extra virgin olive oil that comes from our grove is inspected by every member of the family and sampled until we have achieved the optimal texture, quality and taste. 


If it ends up in your kitchen, you know it is good enough for our family and yours. 


Meet the family


Fresh is best


Australian olive oil is known for its quality and freshness. We take it to the next level. 


Our olives are harvested, washed, crushed, cold pressed on the same day. This ensures that we can provide you with the most pure and fresh product possible. 


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What is extra virgin olive oil (and why is ours so good)?


Not all olive oils are made equal. While they use the same basic ingredients, the process is what separates the extra virgin from the pomace oil.


Olive oil comes in a variety of types with labels that tell you exactly what to expect in terms of flavour, aroma, health benefits and overall quality. Extra virgin olive oil is the most pure and highest quality oil available, retaining the delicious natural properties and nutrients.


We use pure, cold pressed olives grown right here in our olive groves. With only the highest quality ingredients, practices and standards, you can be certain that our Australian extra virgin olive oil is the best of the harvest. 


Shake things up in the kitchen with our infused oil


Let’s face it — these days, we have less time for cooking than we would like. That shouldn’t get in the way of creating a stunning dish for you and your family to enjoy!


We’ve concocted a range of infused extra virgin olive oil products using the Italian Agrumato procedure that serve as the perfect base for any meals you want to make. Whether you’re after a more spicy profile, a lemon zest or a simple garlic taste, we have an oil to suit you.


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Awards and Accolades for our Australian extra virgin olive oil


When it comes to the fruits of our labour, the results speak for themselves. 


We have received several awards from the Australian Olive Association, the Australian Food Awards, and the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. Outside of Australia, we have been recognised by Sol d’Oro — the world’s most important blind olive oil tasting competition — and the Australian International Olive Awards.